Expand your pharmacy with Rx4Route

Introducing Rx4Route: The cutting-edge delivery software for pharmacies. Real-time tracking, door picture verification, and efficient routes. Elevate your prescription delivery service today.

Advanced tech for drivers and patients

Our technology is reliable, fast, and easy to use

We collaborate with PrimeRx, PioneerRx, SuiteRx, DataScan, PkSoftware and LifeFile or Rx4Route can integrate with any other software you use.

Our API receives and sends data from your software, which you can customize. For example, you can update your pharmacy software with a delivery ETA, status, signature, and a photo of a patient's door.

All information is updated in real time

Each order has a special order identifier, which shows its status, correspondence with the customer, any phone calls and their contents, and the exact delivery time.

We have made the delivery and patient interaction process fast, seamless, and reliable

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Smart service features Service features for Service features

    • Real-Time Innovation

      Unlock the power of the future with Rx4Route's real-time capabilities. Our revolutionary technology puts you in the driver's seat, providing an unprecedented level of control and transparency.

    • Seamless Integration

      Connect Rx4Route with your existing pharmacy Information and Prescription Systems (IPS) effortlessly, without disrupting your workflow. Our software integrates smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

    • Route Optimization

      Maximize efficiency by leveraging our advanced route optimization algorithms. Rx4Route calculates the most efficient delivery routes for your drivers, reducing travel time and costs while improving overall delivery speed.

    • Driver Management

      Easily manage your driver capacity and schedules through our intuitive platform. Assign deliveries based on driver availability and proximity, ensuring optimized resource allocation and timely prescription deliveries.

    • Real-Time Innovation
    • Seamless Integration
    • Route Optimization
    • Driver Management
    • Simplified Route Navigation

      Rx4Route provides drivers with realtime route guidance, helping them navigate efficiently from one destination to another. Optimize your driving routes and reach patients quickly, saving time and fuel.

    • Instant Order Notifications

      Drivers receive instant notifications on their app whenever a new delivery order is assigned to them. This feature ensures drivers are always up-to-date with their schedule and can promptly begin their next delivery.

    • Real-time Navigation

      Our integrated GPS navigation system guides drivers throughout the entire delivery journey. Drivers can rely on turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates to navigate the best route and avoid potential delays.

    • Intuitive Mobile App

      Our dedicated mobile app is designed with drivers in mind. It provides a straightforward interface that allows drivers to access all essential information, including delivery details, customer addresses, and real-time updates, right at their fingertips.

    • Efficient Route Planning

      Say goodbye to guesswork and time-consuming route planning. Our software automatically generates optimized delivery routes, ensuring drivers take the most efficient path to complete their deliveries promptly.

    Simplified Route Navigation
    Instant Order Notifications
    Real-time Navigation
    Intuitive Mobile App
    Efficient Route Planning
    • Customer Communication

      Enhance patient satisfaction with our text message system. As you dispatch orders, patients receive instant alerts and detailed delivery instructions, ensuring seamless coordination and elevating your service standard

    • Delivery Status Updates

      Keep customers informed and satisfied with timely delivery status updates. Our software allows drivers to send automatic notifications to customers, ensuring they are aware of their order's progress.

    • Electronic Proof of Delivery

      Our ePOD feature enables drivers to record essential delivery details, including customer signatures, delivery timestamps, and any additional notes. This digital record enhances transparency and simplifies proof of delivery documentation.

    Customer Communication
    Delivery Status Updates
    Electronic Proof of Delivery

We offer a test drive - 7 days for free

You will get access to all the features of Rx4Route for free. And after 7 days, all data will be saved and you will be able to pay for the service directly in your personal account.

Why Rx4Route?

Our tools streamline front-end and behind-the-counter pharmacy operations and identify cost-saving opportunities for patients so pharmacists can focus on what matters most – their patients’ health.

  • Modern technologies

    Rx4Route harnesses the power of modern technologies to optimize your pharmacy's delivery operations. Our intelligent algorithms and user-friendly interface streamline the entire process, enabling you to achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity. With automation and real-time tracking, your business can stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional service to your customers.

  • Real time tracking

    With real-time tracking, you gain complete visibility into your delivery operations. Monitor the status of each delivery, track your drivers' routes, and provide timely updates to your customers. This level of transparency and communication not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows you to make informed decisions to enhance your business's performance.

  • Scale your business

    Integrate Rx4Route seamlessly with your pharmacy's existing systems and infrastructure. Our software adapts to your needs, enabling a smooth transition and allowing you to leverage your current technology investments for an even more robust delivery operation.

  • Compliance and
    Privacy Concerns

    Rx4Route understands the importance or maintaining compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. Your software is designed with stringent security measures to protect patient information and ensure adherence to privacy quidelines.

  • Timely notifications

    With Life Text Message Notifications, your customers receive timely updates at every crucial stage of their delivery. From order confirmation to driver arrival and successful delivery, they stay informed throughout the process. This level of communication not only boosts customer satisfaction but also reduces customer inquiries and concerns, freeing up your staff's time for more important tasks.

Make your job easier

We believe that delivering prescriptions to patients should be easy, and it's our job to help pharmacies and patients do just that.