We Provide Software to Enable Deliveries

The cutting-edge delivery software for pharmacies. Real-time tracking, delivery proofs logging and efficient routes.
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confidenceed by over 1500+ pharmacies
Our sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly platform streamline your workflow, ensuring consistent reliability and superior efficiency.

We work with your software

Our advanced API seamlessly syncs with your pharmacy software, instantly transmitting patient signatures, door photos, and estimated arrival times directly into your system.
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Your Software
Your Software
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Signature
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Photo
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > ETA
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Tracking info
Your Software
Your Software
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Signature
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Photo
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > ETA
  • Patient info > Rx4Route > Tracking info

Our platform is made for

  • Pharmacies
  • Drivers
  • Patients

How it works

Create an Order
Our integrations and easy to use UI allows you to create orders automatically as you mark them for delivery in your POS system. You can also upload a CSV file or create an order directly through our dashboard.
Scheduling the Delivery
Set the delivery schedule within our system, giving your customers the clarity they need on when to expect their orders. Patients will receive an automated text message with their courier’s status and the scheduled delivery time frame, ensuring they are informed every step of the way.
Plan Optimized Routes
Optimizing delivery routes through our specialized mapping tools not only boosts driver efficiency by up to 35% but also significantly enhances patient satisfaction with faster prescription deliveries.
Delivery Experience
Our user-friendly mobile app provides drivers with precise navigation to ensure medications are delivered to the correct address, facilitates co-pay collection when necessary, and enables the capture of required delivery proofs. The app ensures that all steps are completed before allowing the driver to move on to their next delivery.
Customer Satisfaction
After each delivery is complete, we'll send an SMS to gather feedback, asking patients to rate their experience. Should there be any concerns, our comprehensive feedback system will help to pinpoint exactly how we can improve the service and address their questions.
Post Delivery Quality Assurance
Our team carefully reviews each delivery to confirm the package was delivered to the correct address. We also check GPS coordinates upon a delivery, as well as signature, special instructions and other delivery proof. In the event of an error, a notification will appear on your dashboard for review.

Scalable Plans for Your Pharmacy Delivery

Choose the plan that fits you the most
  • StarterRx

    Start deliveries today
    Per Month
    Plus $0.79 per delivery
    Key features include:
    • Integrations
    • Visualize all deliveries on the map and draw the areas
    • Efficient route optimization
    • Capture proof of delivery
    • Send 3 SMS per delivery - Out for delivery, Driver on the way, Delivered
    • Real-time tracking
    Up to 2 Drivers
    Get Started
  • Most popular


    Improve efficiency
    Per Month
    Plus $0.79 per delivery
    Everything in StartRx Plus:
    • Copay Management System
    • Your pharmacy branding on labels and tracking
    • Premium training and onboarding of new staff
    Up to 10 Drivers
    Get Started
  • EnterpriseRx

    Grow your business
    Per Month
    Plus $0.79 per delivery
    Everything in GrowthRx Plus:
    • Driver Information Management System
    • Rx4Route branding removed
    • Feedback Management System
    • Unlimited SMS for communication with patients
    Over 10 Drivers
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About Us

Founded by Erkin Sattarov, whose roots as a delivery driver lend us insider's insight, Rx4Route offers intuitive tech solutions tailored for the real-world needs of pharmacy delivery. We understand the intricacies of the business because we've been there — developing our platform to address the challenges we once faced.

Our commitment is to streamline delivery management, making it as seamless as possible for pharmacies to connect with patients and ensure timely, reliable care.

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Advance your Pharmacy

We believe that delivering prescriptions to patients should be easy, and it is our job to help pharmacies and patients do just that.
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